A Beginning

I haven’t been all that pleased with Richard Dawkins lately. For all espoused love of “clear thinking oases”, he seems to do an incredible amount of manipulative handwaving. Alas, this blog is not (mostly) about him, although certainly his ideas, often pithy and always provocative, may have a part to play in the journey we are beginning now.

For the most part, this blog will be about books. Of course, there are thousands of book blogs floating around in the cybersphere, so what makes this one different, you ask. Well, I’ll be particularly interested in the ideas expressed through works of speculative fiction, namely in fantasy and sci-fi.

Unlike many blogs, however, I don’t intend to write a single review of a work and then move on; instead, I intend to bring considerable time and intellectual space to bear on individual works. I want to commit to thorough, in depth and interesting readings.

Throughout, I will try to supplement some of my own thoughts with those of others, expressed in books or journals (with all the appropriate referencing of course).


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