A Quick Update, again

New and extensive posts to come soon! First, concerning James Wood’s book about books, How Fiction Works, followed by a post about my recent Melbourne adventures, which were awesome fun! In the meantime, I found this amazing illustration by Ted Nasmith, detailing an episode from my favourite book, The Children of Hurin (Tolkien). Those of you who have read the book will recognise the dark and somewhat gothic temperament of the picture, and for the rest of you, I’m sure you’ll appreciate its general coolness and maybe even be inspired to go read the book (do it now!):

Awesome, baroque image…the horseman of the apocalypse, Death Incarnate. Of course, those who have read the book will know that the brooding character on the horse is in fact Turin, the central protagonist, and that he is bearing his friend away to safety (although it is his fault that the battle behind him is a route). Alas, no hobbits here people!


2 thoughts on “A Quick Update, again

  1. Joanne Rigbye says:

    Brilliant Benito,

    Love the scheme of color- might even go out and ponder reading this ‘Tolkien” whoever that is.(pun intended.)

  2. Ha never heard of him eh? Yeah I would certainly reccommend this book, and if it takes a gothic and highly disturbing (in some ways) picture to do that then so be it!

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