The Moral Landscape

For the first time ever, I’ve started to read an e-book! The experience is somewhat exhilarating, considering that I’m a rather conservative traditional tome reader. Nonetheless its quite useful, especially for a work of non-fiction like The Moral Landscape that contains many interesting footnotes that elaborate on the ideas in the main text.

Anyhow, I haven’t yet finished reading The Moral Landscape, by UCLA/Stanford neuroscientist Sam Harris, but so far I’ve been blown away by his combination of written clarity (in contrast to many similar books out there) and scholarly elucidation, not to mention the ideas he discusses themselves, which are truly mind-blowing. So this is not a review, merely a warning.  I feel as though the book simply cries out for a full, considered, in depth treatment on this blog, so when I get the time that’s exactly what I’ll be endeavouring to do. There is so much to discuss here, and so much to think about. It’s one of the few books I think I’ll be reading twice, in two consecutive readings. While you’re waiting, go buy it! The e-book is quite cheap, at $19.98 from Borders Australia (OK, I think a bit of shameless advertising is called for here!). Before you do that, check out this vid of Sam at the TED foundation, presenting a much contracted version of his central argument:

Sam Harris at TED