So, why another book blog?

 Hiya. I’m a first year university student at the Australian National University, studying Linguistics, archaeology, philosophy and Spanish. And this is a blog for ideas. Well, it’s also a blog for books, but books are, after all, repositories of ideas. Some ideas we may not like, others, we might cherish. Whatever the case, the ideas embedded in books can make us think: they can, and do, challenge us, provoke us, make us smile, make us cringe. This blog is dedicated to that nearly unique ability books have to inspire us to do crazy things.

Revolutions have been fought (partly) because of books, and afternoons have been uplifted many a time by a nice quiet read by the lake. The book is the soul of civilisation, and this here is yet another blog dedicated to celebrating that most fundamental of objects that many of us own by the hundreds.

This blog will be a little different in that I wont just be posting the occasional review; certainly, I’ll be discussing the books I read on completion. More fundamentally, however, I’ll be spending considerable time and bringing considerable thought to bear on a smaller selection of books that we’ll go through slowly, chapter by chapter, and in-depth.

I want to be able to interrogate all aspects of the book, field some ideas and examine some of the ideas of others. I’ll be drawing on reviews, papers, newspaper articles. I’m already excited! Depth is the key. Books are written to be read many times, in my opinion. Especially the ones that continually provoke us, in whatever way.

As I say, all this will be interspersed with reviews dealing in less detail and less depth with other books I’m reading, whether for pleasure or as part of my university course.


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