Dear readers,

This is a page that is designed for YOU to request books for me to read and review (if I have the finances to purchase all these books… because I’m a poor student…)

If you thing I would like particular books and/or you’d like me to review a book, simply leave a comment and post your requests!



3 thoughts on “Requests

  1. let’s cut to the chase here;
    i think you should read/review the following books
    – Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy – this is a ‘kid’ book, i know. but really, it is the most entertaining book i’ve ever read. i know you review really serious/thoughtful books, but you can’t say you’re too good to read a book like this. it has a kind of dark humour, (surprisingly dark when it’s target audience is quite young), dark themes and sophisticated language. also, don’t get put off by the cover.
    – The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. you’ve probably heard of this book, if not read it. it’s extremely thoughtful and moving
    – The Messenger by Markus Zusak. more light and funny compared to the Book Thief

    so next time henry is in sydney, i’ll give him the books for you to read so you don’t have to buy them. unless you want to borrow it from a library or something… anyway, it’d be awesome if you could read these! i’m interested in what you have to say, since this might be a stretch to what you normally read (in terms of Skulduggery)

  2. haha no worries! No I like to think I keep away from pretentions of literary pomposity so I’ll do my best to read whatever you suggest! It’s always good to expand your horizons anyway, litarary or otherwise.


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